Anubis Plinko game

Welcome to the world of Anubis Plinko from 1win! Here in front of you is not just a slot machine, but also the ancient secrets of the Egyptian pyramids. Your mission? To launch the ball, overcoming obstacles in the form of cunning scarabs, and find your way to the highest multiplier. But be careful: black scarabs are ready to destroy your bet, while golden ones can enrich you! Looking for something more than the usual 1win games? Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Anubis Plinko, where ancient gods and gambling combine to give you
Anubis Plinko game
Anubis Plinko game
Anubis Plinko game
Anubis Plinko game

Anubis Plinko: rules and mechanics of the game

Anubis Plinko from 1win casino is a unique slot machine that immerses the player in the world of ancient Egyptian gods and mystical symbols. The main mechanics of the game is to launch a ball, which, moving through a complex maze, must fall into the cell with the highest bet multiplier.

Gamblers can choose one of 4 difficulty modes, which adds strategic depth to the game and affects the RTP percentage. The three modes are a field with different numbers of scarab bombs and scarab bonuses. There is also a fourth mode, which offers an empty field without bombs or power-ups. The risk in such a game is minimal; even in the worst case scenario, you will only lose 80% of your bet. The RTP of this round is the highest. This RTP is often found in 1win games, for example in the game Rocket X.

However, you should be careful: meeting a black scarab bomb in a game with bonuses will result in a loss of your bet, while a gold scarab doubles your winning odds.

game Anubis Plinko

This slot guarantees the player a win, provided that the ball does not collide with a dangerous scarab. With each attempt, the excitement and excitement only intensify, making Anubis Plinko one of the most exciting games in the 1win online casino.

Slot machine bets and winnings

Anubis Plinko 1win

In Anubis Plinko, players are given a flexible betting range: the minimum amount starts from $0.02, allowing even beginners to comfortably get into the atmosphere of the game, while the maximum bet reaches $100, appealing to more experienced and risky players. The winning amount is based on the multiplier the ball lands on: odds range from x0.2 to x150 on hard mode.

Despite the potential risks of encountering a black scarab that will void your bet, every game of Anubis Plinko provides a guaranteed win if the ball successfully reaches the slot, providing players with a pleasant experience and the opportunity to make a profit.

Strategies and tips that will help you

Anubis Plinko from 1win casino provides a unique gaming experience, but to optimize your chances of success, there are a few strategic tips to consider.

Game Tips Anubis Plinko 1win

  1. Selecting the optimal rate. Determine your bankroll and choose the amount you are willing to risk per game. This will allow you to maintain control over your finances and prolong your enjoyment of playing online. Start with smaller bets to get used to the mechanics of the game, and gradually increase your bet as you gain experience.
  2. Selecting a game mode. The game provides four difficulty modes: No Scarabs, Easy, Medium and Hard. Start with «Easy» mode or «No Scarabs» to get the hang of it. Gradually progress to more difficult modes when you feel confident. The risk increases, but the rewards also increase!
  3. Variety of games. Don’t get stuck on the same strategy for a long time. If you see that one approach is not producing the desired results, don’t be afraid to experiment and change your tactics and bets.
  4. Learn probability. There is always an element of chance in games of chance. However, understanding the probabilities and multipliers can help you make informed decisions.
  5. Set limits. Before you start playing, set your losing and winning limits. As soon as you reach one of them, stop the game. This will help you control your finances and not give in to emotions.

Remember that playing Anubis Plinko at 1win online casino, like any other gambling game, requires not only luck, but also strategic thinking. Be careful, study the game mechanics, and enjoy the process.

Anubis Plinko

Security of the online game Anubis Plinko

Safety when gambling online always remains a priority for users. One of the main proofs of the fairness and transparency of online games is the Provably Fair system. This system allows players to ensure that the outcome of each game is predetermined and not subject to change after the player’s bet.

The Provably Fair system in 1win games works like this:

  1. Hash and Salt. Before the start of each game, the server generates a random «raw» value and hashes it. This hash is transmitted to the player before the game starts. Once the game is completed, the server reveals the original «raw» value - «Salt», which can be verified using the provided hash.
  2. Go to your account. Open Anubis Plinko and go to the «History» section. Your attempts will be visible after you log into your account on the 1win website. There you can find the hash values. With it, each player can independently verify the fairness of each session.
  3. Conducting an inspection. To check, you need to copy the hash values. Using third-party hashing tools such as SHA-256, you can compare hashes and ensure they match. To check the hash you don’t even need to download programs, just find any site that checks hash values. If the hash and salt have the same value, then the game was truly random. You can read more about the verification system on specialized websites on the Internet.

This feature makes online games at 1win transparent and fair. Now, when you decide to play Anubis Plinko or any other game on this platform, you can be sure that every bet is fair. It is important to emphasize that this approach to security and transparency gives additional confidence to users and allows them to enjoy the gaming process without unnecessary fears.

How to start playing Anubis Plinko for money?

Starting to play Anubis Plinko on 1win is a simple and quick process that only requires a few steps.

How to play Anubis Plinko:

  1. Register on the site: To begin, you may need to create an account on the 1win website. Go to the official 1vin website and find the registration button. Fill out all required fields following the instructions and confirm your account.
  2. Personal account: After registration, log into your account, where you can manage your balance and view your game history.
  3. Making a deposit: To play for real money, you will need to make a deposit. Find the «Top up your account» section, select a payment method convenient for you, and follow the instructions. After this, you will have access to a great deposit bonus and other profitable promotions!
  4. Starting the game: After replenishing your balance, go to the games section, find Anubis Plinko, and launch the slot. Now you are ready to place your bets and dive into the exciting world of excitement at 1win!

Anubis Plinko game

Why you should play Anubis Plinko

Anubis Plinko from 1win is a unique combination of a classic slot machine and innovative mechanics based on the principles of Plinko. This game gives players not only the opportunity to get big wins thanks to multipliers but also the pleasure of the game itself.

Black and gold scarabs add excitement and intrigue, and the choice of different modes allows each player to choose the most suitable strategy for themselves. Anubis Plinko is a shining example of how modern online games can combine traditional elements and innovative solutions.


What is Anubis Plinko in the 1win online casino?

Anubis Plinko is an example of an excellent game on the 1win online casino website. This is a unique combination of a classic slot machine with elements of a Plinko board. In the game, players bet on where the ball will land, aiming to get the maximum multiplier for their bet.

Can Anubis Plinko be played online for free?

On the 1win website, Anubis Plinko is available to play exclusively for real money. Unlike some other slot machines, there is no demo mode for this game. However, once you start playing, you will quickly master the mechanics and rules.

What are the differences between Anubis Plinko and other slot machines on the 1win website?

Anubis Plinko has unique mechanics and game principles. While most slot machines at 1win are based on spins and paylines, here players bet on the ball falling, watching its path and calculating the winnings.

Why is Anubis Plinko considered one of the best games on 1win?

Thanks to its non-standard mechanics and the ability to get large multipliers, Anubis Plinko quickly gained popularity among visitors to the 1win online casino. The game also offers a unique gaming experience that is different from traditional slot machines.