Royal Mines game

The game Royal Mines from 1win games will remind you familiar to all the game «Sapper», but in a more gambling and exciting execution. Here each player chooses for himself the level of risk, determining how difficult will be his path to victory. On your way will be minefields, and your task is to confidently go without stepping on the mine. Ready to try your hand and test your intuition? Then join 1win players and start your game of Royal Mines now!
Mines Game
Royal Mines game
Royal Mines game
Royal Mines game
Royal Mines game

Royal mines - mines for money

When it comes to casinos, many people immediately think of slots or card games. However, sometimes developers bring a fresh wind to this industry by creating unique games. 1win games presents Royal Mines, a game inspired by the popular computer game Minesweeper. But there’s much more at stake here than just time and effort—it’s your real money. In the game, each player determines his own level of risk, making his way through the minefield to the coveted prizes. In this article we will look at the features of this exciting game from 1win and give tips on how to maximize your chances of success.

In the game, the casino user is presented with a minefield, where an explosive device - a bomb - is hidden under one of the cells. The player’s task is to successfully navigate the field, choosing safe cells and getting closer to the final prize. With each successful move, the prize fund increases, adding even more intrigue.

A special feature of Royal Mines 1win is the ability to select the size of the minefield. Gamblers can choose both fast and dynamic games on a smaller field, as well as more measured and longer rounds on larger fields, which makes the gameplay varied and tailored to the preferences of each player.

Rules of Royal Mines 1win

At the start, the player is greeted by the playing field. Each cell can hide either a safe space or a dangerous bomb. When you select a safe cell, your winnings increase and you move on to the next stage. However, if you make the wrong choice and land on a bomb, the game ends and you lose your bet.

A special feature of Royal Mines is the ability for the player to choose the level of risk by determining the size of the minefield. Smaller fields involve high risk and fast-paced play, while larger fields offer more measured and strategic play.

royal mines play

Online game field sizes

  • 2x3
  • 3x6
  • 4x9
  • 5x12
  • 6x12

Depending on the chosen level of risk, the potential winnings also change. The higher the risk, the more impressive your prize can become. Thus, each player can customize Royal Mines demo to suit their preferences, choosing the most suitable play style for themselves.

Royal mines 1win: game instructions

  1. Bet selection. To start playing the game, you need to choose the size of your bet. For example, you have decided to bet 5 dollars.
  2. Choosing the size of the field. Determine the size of the playing field. Let’s say you have chosen a 2x3 field, which means two rows and three columns.
  3. Number of Rounds. Royal Mines game will continue until you run into a mine or decide to collect your winnings. The number of rounds depends on your choice and luck.
  4. Increasing odds. With each successfully opened mine-free field, your winning multiplier increases. For example, the first safe field opening can increase your multiplier from 1.0 to 1.5.
  5. Withdrawals. You can withdraw your winnings at any time before you open a field with a mine. If you choose to withdraw your winnings after the first opening, your $5 bet will be multiplied by the 1.5 multiplier, which equals $7.5.

Online game strategies Royal Mines 1win

Tips you’ll hear from professionals include analyzing previous rounds and identifying potential patterns in the placement of bombs. However, it is worth remembering that the game is based on chance, and no Royal Mines 1win strategy guarantees 100% success. The main thing is to enjoy the process and play Mines Royal responsibly, taking into account your capabilities and risks. However, there are basic things that determine your playstyle. royal mines strategy

Strategy for Beginners: «Cautious Start»

  • Start with large minefields. This will allow you to get used to the game mechanics without significant losses. On larger fields, there is less risk, and the pace of play becomes more measured.
  • Limit your daily budget. Set yourself a limit that you are willing to spend and do not exceed it, regardless of the outcome of the games.
  • Mastering the features. When playing at small stakes, try to identify potential patterns in the distribution of mins. Also, small bets will help you determine a comfortable bet level. This strategy is also very profitable to use when playing online Speed ​​n Cash.

Strategy for Low Rollers: «Middle of the Road»

royal mines 1win

  • Alternate the size of the fields. Start with a large field, and after a few rounds move on to the medium difficulty level.
  • Keep an eye on your balance. After each big win, take 50% of the funds and continue playing only with the rest.
  • Use statistics. Rely on the history of your moves and the experience of other gamblers to plan your next move. This way, you can bet more carefully and risk less than high rollers, but win more than beginners.

Strategy for High Rollers: «All or Nothing»

  • Choose small minefields. Greater risk often comes with greater rewards. With small fields, your chance of winning is often 50/50. Keep this in mind when choosing your bet.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you’re feeling aggressive, don’t be afraid to double your bets after each loss, hoping for a big win in the next round. This is a very common tactic for various slot machines. However, it is also worth understanding that for such an aggressive approach the bankroll must be appropriate. Aggressive play 1win Royal Mines is a game of distance.
  • Analyze and adapt. Closely monitor the distribution of mines in previous rounds and adjust your strategy depending on the patterns you discover.

Royal mines Martingale tactics

Using the Royal mines Martingale strategy involves doubling your bet after each loss in order to recover your losses with a single win. However, it is worth using a modified approach in this game due to the presence of mines.

1win royal mines

  • Betting. Start with a low bet so that you have enough resources to double up if you lose several times in a row.
  • Field Selection. Choose a playing field with an average number of mines to ensure an acceptable balance between risk and potential winnings.
  • Doubling your bet. After each loss (selecting a mined field), double your bet. If you win, return to your original bet in Royal mines 1win.
  • Limit. Set a limit for doubling bets to avoid rapid depletion of your bankroll.

Pyramid strategy

This strategy involves gradually increasing the bets when winning and returning to the initial bet when losing. This strategy requires discipline and self-control. Any strategy in gambling carries risks. It is important to determine the limits of losses in advance and adhere to them.

Goal: Build a «pyramid» of winnings Royal miness 1win, gradually increasing stakes while maintaining control over the bankroll.

  • Starting bet. Start with the minimum bet.
  • After winning. Increase your next bet by a fixed amount or percentage of your winnings.
  • After a loss. Return to the original bet.

Royal Mines 1win game mechanics

The bookmaker’s office and online casino 1win always puts the interests of the user first, guaranteeing the integrity of each game in Royal Mines demo. To ensure complete transparency and trust in the gaming process, 1win uses the Provably Fair system. This method allows players to check each round for fairness. Thanks to SHA-512 hashing technology, players can ensure that each round has not been predetermined or manipulated. Thus, every game is a fair competition between the player’s luck and the game algorithm.

How do I check Provably Fair?

1win provides all players with the tools to independently verify the fairness of each round in Royal Mines 1win. To make sure, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access your round history: After each game of Mines Royal, go to the round history window in the game itself. There you will find information about the latest games, including hash codes and «Salt».
  2. Copying data: Copy the values ​​from the «Hash» and «Salt» fields for the round you are interested in.
  3. Using a hash generator: Go to any popular online SHA-512 hash generator. These generators are usually free and easily available online.
  4. Hash Validation: Insert the value from the «Salt» field into the generator and click the button to create or validate the hash. The generator will provide a hash code that must match the hash listed in the round history on the 1win website for that game.

royal mines 1win

If both hash codes match, this ensures that the game results were randomly generated and the game Royal Mines 1win was completely fair. In this way, you can check the best 1win games, even those that are very similar to the game you are reviewing, for example Mines. You don’t even have to download hash checkers; you just need to find the one that suits you right in your browser!

Why you should play Royal Mines 1win

Royal Mines is truly an immersive experience, combining the nostalgia of the classic Minesweeper game with modern gambling entertainment. 1win has successfully taken the spirit of fun strategy and risk to the next level by adding progressive prizes and the ability to set your own difficulty level.

The game has an intuitive interface, and the Provably Fair system adds confidence in the fairness of each round. For those looking for an exciting pastime and the opportunity to test their luck, Royal Mines 1win is an excellent choice at the 1win online casino!


Which online casino can I play Royal Mines?

You can enjoy playing Royal Mines 1win online casino. The official website not only offers a wide range of games, but also guarantees high quality and fairness. After registering on the online casino website, simply go to the slot machines section and select this game.

Can I play Royal Mines on a mobile device?

Of course! The Royal Mines game, like many other slot machines from 1win, is optimized for mobile devices. This allows players to enjoy the gaming experience anywhere, anytime using a smartphone or tablet. Visit the 1win platform through your mobile browser and play the best games.

What bonuses does 1win casino offer for playing Royal Mines?

1win casino often offers various bonuses and promotions for its players. Including welcome bonuses, free spins, vouchers, and other offers. Some of them are also suitable for playing Royal Mines 1win. For information, we recommend regularly checking the promotions section on the official casino website. You will also find many nice bonuses on social networks 1vin.

How difficult is it to master the mechanics of Royal Mines?

Although Royal Mines is inspired by the classic game Minesweeper, it is a unique gaming experience. However, the game interface is quite intuitive. After a few rounds on the 1win website, most players quickly master the basic mechanics and strategies, which makes the game accessible to both beginners and online casino professionals.